Studio QFX

Design and integration of the largest special effects studio in South America - developing plans, planning and commissioning of the infrastructure including 65 animation stations with 128 processors for rendering, a 2K digital stereo projection room and 5 Flame / Smoke effects rooms.

Design and implementation of networks, servers, workstations and rendering engines made for a post production and special effects company with 200 Maya animators and 5 suites of high quality finish.

studio QVFX Brésil
infrastructure limoilou

Project in a CÉGEP

Design and integration of a "Broadcast Tapeless HD" structure for the Technical Multimedia department. Objectives: allow the learning of methods and work tools currently used in the television industry, the automation of ingest with Meta Data to FinalCut Server up to the play out. FinalCut Server integration within each course in order to include teachers and students in the process.

Project in a production house

This customer asked that we build a "Tapeless" infrastructure with an automation of the process of centralized ingesting to increase the efficiency of their production team.

gros plan sur souris

Fanshawe college

“How does a College stay ahead of the curve, anticipate technology changes and compression formats while teaching the latest in Broadcast Television operational techniques”

The Mac infrastructure had to be able to teach the concept of tapeless production within a Broadcast environment without the cost and complexity of proprietary systems and equally important being able to use off the shelf hardware, as they had to maintain a QofS of virtually 100% during the school year.

This was the challenge and they reached out to to provide the solution with a SAN integrated Automated Playout, Production Server and Ingest Software.

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